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The lost art of anticipation How much happiness you can derive purely from the
anticipation of something that will make you happy?
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These are Victoria’s most unique places to spend the night Choose your own adventure with a sleepover at one of the state’s most intriguing locations,
from trams, to yurts, to caravans on rooftops.
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Travelling the world, one bite at a time Melissa Hie is known as @girleatworld online, a blog and Instagram where she photographs local food in its natural habitat. We sat down with her to ask her a few questions as she continues her delicious journey around the globe. Read |
This outdoor gallery in the Australian countryside sees abandoned silos turned into artwork A series of six forgotten wheat silos and a bevy of international street artists come together
to form the the 200km (125 mile) Silo Art Trail, breathing new life into regional Victoria.
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