Convert your journey to Story Mode An immersive content experience for your audience. Read
Add a Spotify playlist to your map Create a totally immersive experience by adding music to your stories.

Create your own audio tour Add an additional layer to your stories with audio files.
Create your own mobile audio tours and take your audience along for the journey.

Embed your map into Tumblr Increase your reblog-ability by using an Alpaca map
in your posts to showcase your stories.

Adding waypoints to routes If you want your route to take a custom path, using waypoints gives you the ultimate flexibility. Read
Adding images and sights to your map Add layers of content to your map to increase engagement with your content,
and take your audience on a journey.
Embed your map into a article Alpaca Maps are supported by, so it is super easy to add an interactive map to your articles.
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Embedding your Alpaca map into a WordPress site If you have a Wordpress blog, you can easily embed the iframe of your Alpaca map into your site. Read | |
3 ways to plot your route When creating your itinerary route map, there are various ways you can get started. Read |
Add a video to your map Let your followers experience the places you’ve been as you did. Read