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Digital Winter Guide

Follow a walking itinerary through historic arcades, discover hidden eateries or take an afternoon to wander through the city’s best art galleries.

The City of Melbourne’s digital Winter Guide facilitates discovery and encourages exploration. A wishlist and sharing tool make it easy for visitors to plan their exprience, and a mobile friendly pocket guide offer in destination information.

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Exploring the heritage of Vilnius

Self-guided walking itineraries bring the diverse culture and heritage of this city to life. Photos and stories give visitors a glimpse into the rich tapestry that makes up Vilnius.

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Showcasing the best foodie road trips

Whether you’re a day tripper, a weekend wanderer or a life long explorer, it’s time to hit the road. Curated by locals, these insider foodie guides to regional Victoria are just the excuse you need to get away.

Alpaca maps encourages visitors to explore more and go further.

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Bringing Australia’s greatest wine trails to life

Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia is a hand-selected collection of Australia’s premium wineries offering high quality winery experiences based around world class wines, warm and knowledgeable hospitality, and culinary excellence.

Alpaca enhances the user experience on their site, and brings their wine trails to life.

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