St Paul’s Cathedral (image via Royal Melbourne Philharmonic)

Open House Melbourne is an annual event that opens the doors to hundreds of the city’s architectural gems — some of which are usually off-limits to the public.

Here are some of our favourites from within the CBD and surrounds to add to your list for this year’s event.


Substation ‘J’

Substation ‘J’ has been a crowd favourite since it debuted at the event in 2014. Looking like a set straight out of a Cold War spy movie, the electrical substation at the corner of Lonsdale and Spencer Streets is one of the oldest substations in the world still operating today.


17 Casselden Place

17 Casselden Place is the only surviving single storey worker’s cottage from the early 1860s. Constructed in 1877 in the once notorious Little Lon area, the building, now dwarfed by surrounding skyscrapers, is a humble reminder of the city’s past.


Myer Mural Hall

The Myer Mural Hall is hidden away on the top floor of the eponymous department store on Bourke Street. The room is one of the finest Art Deco interiors in Victoria. Decorated with ten murals honouring celebrated historical female figures, it is also one of the only surviving examples of the Streamline Moderne style.


Open House Melbourne 2017 runs for the weekend of 29–30 July, all over the greater city of Melbourne.

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Written by Chryssie Swarbrick