What is Alpaca?

Alpaca is a content tool designed to help anyone create beautiful, immersive stories, journeys and itineraries.

Who is it for?

It is best suited to brands with stories to tell, tourism organisations or other travel related businesses.

What is the cost?

We offer a subscription model with different tiers. For brands, tourism organisations, tour operators, we offer a branded solution with additional features and customisations to suit your needs.

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Our free ‘Community’ edition is designed for travellers or bloggers.

Display & Embedding

Where does it display?

The content is output as a responsive iFrame embed code. You can take this embed and put it on your website, into eDM’s, share across social etc..

Which platforms can it be embedded into?

The embed is flexible enough to be inserted onto any platform, including; WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, Sitecore, Hubspot and more…

Does it display on all devices?

Yes, it is designed for all devices and operating systems. It was designed with a mobile-first approach.

Is it responsive?

Yes, it is fully responsive.

Can it be customised?

Yes, for paid subscribers customisations include; branding, icons, font, layout, categories etc…


Content creation

Where does the content come from?

Alpaca is a content tool to help you displaying your own content in beautiful and inspiring ways. It could be a trip, suggested itinerary, visitors guide, blog article or campaign.

Alpaca can also pull in content directly from ATDW. Read more about our ATDW integration here.

I already have all this content on my website, how can I get it into Alpaca?

There are various ways we can facilitate this. Depending on your requirements, this might be a bulk upload or an API set-up. For example, we have an API setup for websites built on Simpleview.

What types of content can be added?

Text, images, video, audio, music, links etc…

What kinds of routes can I plot?

You can plot any plane, road, walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, rail, cruise and ferry routes.