There’s nothing quite like a map to share where you’re been, or where you want to go.

By including an Alpaca map of your travels to your Tumblr blog, you can add another layer of storytelling that helps your followers explore your words and photos more deeply.

It’s easy, inspiring, and can give your blog a little extra something to stand out from the crowd.



Here’s how you do it:
  1. On your Text post in Tumblr, click the Settings button in the top right corner and select “HTML” from the Text Editor drop-down menu.
  2. Start a new line where you would like your map to go and add a <p> open HTML tag.
  3. Go to your Alpaca map and copy the iframe embed code (we recommend choosing a Custom size option, at 100% width and 450 height for Tumblr).
  4. Paste the code next to the <p>.
  5. Close the HTML code by adding </p> after the iframe embed code.
  6. Press Post!

While the map may not immediately show up in the preview on your dashboard, it should appear once you head to your blog page.

Happy map making!